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"I implemented only a small fraction of Chloe’s advice to produce significant results... Over Christmas 2016 sales increased by 89% and I sold some of my highest ticket items overseas to customers who were previously unknown to me... The Facebook group played a significant role in my growth giving me much needed support and accountability to get things done."
Karen Faulkner-Dunkley, KFD Jewellery
Participant in a previous version of the Club run by Chloe

Are you a small/medium size eCommerce business looking to significantly grow you sales in the coming months?


Then this is the club for you.

Chloë has created the club for the owners and marketers at eCommerce businesses with yearly sales under a million, to help you navigate the complex pathways to sustainable eCommerce growth.

What is the Get More Customers Club?

It's a fantastic way for you to get internationally renowned eCommerce expert Chloë Thomas's help with your challenges at a super affordable price.

We can do that because the whole thing happens online, so there’s no time consuming travelling, and you can access everything wherever you are!

Especially useful because of Chloe's persistence on living in the far south west of the UK which can make face to face activity difficult to pull off.

There are more great benefits for you:

  • you get to learn with and from your peers
  • there’s a mix of training, and support direct from Chloë
  • get quick answers in the Facebook Group, get indepth answers in the Live Sessions

The aim of everything we do in the Club is to help you Get More Customers.

Whether that means getting organised, improving your email marketing, finding new advertising options, or changing your products - we'll cover it all.

What you will get:

  • Guest Expert Q&A Sessions on specific eCommerce topics (eg Content Marketing, or Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Regular Hot Topic training videos by Chloë to help you get more customers
  • Access to the Club Facebook Group; private to just Chloe and the members of the Club - ask your questions when you need the answer
  • Live Sessions, hosted by Chloe, where members of the Club get together to help each other. These are themed and are held every Monday at 3pm (UK time)*

Everything in the Club happens online - so you can login and take part from wherever you are in the world.

* exceptions are Bank Holidays and impossible diary clashes - in which case we'll give you plenty of notice on the rearranged day/time. And when Chloe is on holiday (c6 weeks a year).

"The mastermind group provided accountability, focus, support and a very open forum to share ideas from a perspective outside our business; useful for me and other businesses that might not have an internal team to 'mastermind' with.
"The Facebook group gave us a space to keep the discussion going and quite quickly became a space to share opportunities and to get a fresh perspective on ideas and activities - one of my favourite parts. Chloe skilfully guided the sessions, refining topics and the structure of the discussions depending on the needs and feedback of the group... it's a mark of her success that we all had so many ideas/discussions that overspilled from the sessions into the FB group."
Rebecca Hopkins - Marketing Manager, Turtle Mat
Participant in a previous version of the Club run by Chloe

Best Selling eCommerce Author Chloe Thomas

Chloë Thomas
Chloë Thomas

Chloë Thomas has been working in eCommerce since 2003, and running her own businesses since 2007. Throughout her focus has been on learning how to increase orders, up customer retention, and recruit new customers cost effectively.

Chloë advises retailers of all sizes, from multichannel operations with sales of many millions, to brand new startups looking for those first 100 customers. Her primary focus is on working with businesses who have sales under £1 million to help them take the leap from 0->100 customers, from 100->1,000 customers and on.

  • Power Retail (Australia) named Chloë as one of the top 10 eCommerce commentators in the world.
  • Within 6 months of launch Chloë's eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast was the top eCommerce podcast in the UK.
  • eCommerce coach, mentor and consultant at eCommerce MasterPlan since May 2012.
  • Chloë has published 4 books on eCommerce, including the best seller Customer Persuasion
  • And she is an in-demand as a contributor to events and publications such as Internet Retailing (Australia), eCommerce Expo, Internet Retailing Expo, Internet Retailing Conference, Direct Commerce Association.

"We realised that we were significantly under-investing in our email marketing. Path to Christmas opened our eyes to this, we took [Chloë's] advice... and implemented what became a very successful plan."
Andy Beresford, Home Leisure Direct
Participant in a previous version of the Club run by Chloe

eCommerce Training Available as soon as you Enroll

Whilst a lot of the Club content is in the Live Sessions - there is a growing library of eCommerce Training available to you the second you enroll.

See the full list of what's available in the Program Contents above.

  • Hot Topic training videos - Chloë adds about one per month, always dealing dealing with the challenges faced by the current membership.
  • Guest Expert Sessions - every time we get a guest expert in to talk to the membership it gets recorded and added to the Academy - so get immediate access to these too!

And of course the Facebook Group is available pretty much straight away - so if you've got an urgent questions - just ask it there.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Live Sessions happen?
The Live Sessions are one of the ways you can get Chloë and the rest of the Club's help in your business. They happen every Monday at 3pm (apart from when Chloe's on holiday, or when we have to rearrange for a bank holiday or unavoidable diary clash).
Are the Live Sessions recorded?
No. For 2 super-good reasons. 1 - the privacy of those in the Session. To get the most from the sessions means being honest - with conversion rates, the marketing that works for you, your AOV. All information that you should be in charge of the distribution of - not us. 2 - if the calls are recorded far fewer people turn up to them. And the value lies in the people who turn up. That's why (as the membership builds) we're looking to run a Live Session each week - so you can dip into the one that fits your schedule.
Is VAT included?
The prices on this page are excluding VAT. The relevant VAT for you will be calculated in the checkout.
When does the Club start and finish?
Your access to the Club starts right now and never ends! (well, so long as you continue paying your subscription!)
What if I am unhappy with the Club?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. And you can cancel your membership at any time.
What happens is the price of the Club increases in the future?
You will never pay more for the Get More Customers Club than the price you sign up for do long as you maintain your subscription.. If the price goes up in the future it will only increase for brand NEW members (so yes, it's worth enrolling early to lock-in your low price).
What happens after I enroll?
You'll get immediate access to all the Hot Topic training sessions. Alongside them are details of all the scheduled Live Sessions, AND how to get into the Facebook Group. You'll also get an email or two welcoming you to the Club.
Can my team join too?
We understand that sometimes you'd like to bring one of your team along - that's great. But we limit it at one extra person per member. And that person MUST work on the same eCommerce business. We also recommend that each of you logs in to the live sessions separately as the technology works much better that way.
I'd rather everyone didn't know my business - how private is this going to be?
A mastermind works best when everyone is totally honest about where they are and what they need. To make that happen we operate under Chatham House rules - what is said in the room, stays in the room.
What if I want one to one help?
There's no one to one time with Chloë available in the Get More Customers Club. That's because we want to get the price as low as possible, to help those who need it afford it. Chloë will be hosting all the webinars, and also regularly be in the Facebook Group.
How does the technology for the live session work?
We will be using Zoom (, which means we'll be able to both hear and see each other (you can turn the video off!). It's highly recommended that you join in using a headset microphone NOT the speakers and microphone built into your machine. You can also easily take part by dialing in from a phone.
"As a start-up eCommerce business in my first year...the regular meet-ups and lessons were a very attractive proposition to keep me on track.
"The interaction with other eCommerce businesses all under Chloe’s tutelage made each session really valuable and enjoyable. It can be pretty isolating in eCommerce sometimes and the sessions got me through some challenges both in terms of learning and not feeling like I was the only one who had ever experienced some of the issues."
Christine Nicholson, Divine Legs
Participant in a previous version of the Club run by Chloe

Why the Get More Customers Club is essential for your eCommerce business in 2018...

We're in a time of massive uncertainty. The political climate is in flux, the economic climate keeps shifting.

As if that weren't bad enough, the whole atmosphere of uncertainty makes consumers want to stock pile their cash, it makes them harder to sell to.

I'm increasingly hearing about businesses struggling because of exchange rate fluctuations (buying products in dollars, and selling in £s is a profit-killer), and customers just not buying like they used to.

You can sit back and live with that, or you can get proactive and find ways to deal with the challenges AND make the most of them. (Yes there are LOTS of opportunities for growth if you can find the way to adapt to the situation).

The Get More Customers Club will give you the tools and support you need to survive and thrive in these times:

  • At least 4 hours live with Chloë each month (one on one this would cost you £800 a month)
  • Hot Topic training videos - focused on a tactic or tool that will help you weather the storm of uncertainty
  • Regular Guest Expert sessions
  • A tribe of fellow Club members to support you - they're in the same boat!
  • Fast answers to your questions (both big and small) - frequently within minutes of you asking
  • Reassurance that you've ticked all the boxes and not missed out on that one thing that everyone else is doing!

"We're all working together; that's the secret." Sam Walton, founder Walmart

"Our first 3 months of membership were our most profitable quarter for 3 years. In months 2 and 3 sales were more than double our average (at $12k and $10k), and continue to grow (month 4 = $15k)"
Suzanne Moore, So Suzy Stamps
Participant in a previous version of the Club run by Chloe

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